From Michael on 22/11/2009

You’ve heard and know a fair bit about Dad…his love, laughter and larger-than-life character. I’d like to focus on his spirit. I only became aware of the depth of Dad’s spiritual life when I re-committed myself to Christ in my late 20’s. We talked and prayed together at a deeper level than ever before. This crucial part of the man was nurtured through countless hours spent alone in a quiet room with God. Dad’s spirit was/is entwined with God’s Holy Spirit. Dad was loved by so many because he (and Mum) GAVE so much love to them – and they both gave love to others without ‘counting the cost’. The source of this generous love was and is God, the God with whom he spent precious time every day – an example to all Christians and to any who are seeking. This song, I think, encapsulates Dad’s feelings for God, for Jesus, for the source of his joy and love. "This is the air I breathe; this is the air I breathe, Your Holy Presence, living in me. This is my daily bread; this is my daily bread, Your very Word, spoken to me And I, I’m desperate for You, And I, I’m lost without You."