Chapter 1 life story preface

Created by patrick 13 years ago
For a proper life story you need to get hold of "Skypilot memoirs from take off to landing". I have a few copies for sale still. This is my own condensed version written soon after his departure. Originally conceived as a memorial service piece it reflects on his life as I saw it - and not the totality of that even. “ I know how you feel …”. The subject of Peter Graham's last piece for publication in both the local parish news magazine and his Grandson, Luke Thompson's web site was, “Should we ever say, 'I know what you mean?” My father's point was concerned with when we may be hearing some genuine deep feelings, perhaps in a counselling session... or dealing with a bereavement, He tells how he once asked a group of people if any of them would care to volunteer to show that they understood another person’s pain. One brave young man said he’d do it. So Peter said to him that he found life hard because of his growing deafness. To which the young man responded: “I know what you mean. I had an aunt who was deaf.” Did I know my Father's feelings? - often not. Did he know mine? Likewise, but possibly better than I knew his. He had greater and more savage experience to draw on... I am proud to share many of his characteristics, and have made peace with those less obviously attractive aspects that I have despaired at over the years – the competitive, loud, attention loving, sometimes physically dominant presence... (so I am told).